Anchors Away – A How To For Caribbean Sailing

There is something magical about chartering a boat and sailing the clear, turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean. There is no finer way to get a break and relax than to sail from island to island. At some point during your Caribbean sailing experience, however, you will want to stop. Whether you want to fish, swim, snorkel or dive, have lunch or stay overnight, you will need to find an anchorage and either anchor or use a mooring ball. Anchoring a boat securely is one of the most basic skills in boat handling. The key is preparation and slow maneuvering. If you miss the first time, do not be embarrassed. There is not an experienced sailor afloat who has not encountered this problem. Just go around and start again. The important thing is to have it right! By anchoring poorly, not only are you endangering your boat, but also the other boats anchored nearby. By following these suggestions and techniques, you can feel confident that you will have safe, hassle-free anchoring.
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Bahamas Yacht Charters – Imagining Taking Your Own Boat To The Bahamas

When you decide on Bahamas Yacht Charters you have over 500 miles of tropical waters to explore. The Bahamas is an archipelago that contains over 700 islands, so unless you have loads of cash you won’t get to see them all in one charter vacation. Choose from crewed yacht charters or a bareboat charter, but whichever one you choose, you can decide where you want to go. Bahamas Yacht Charters can help you plan your vacation so that it fulfills your every need.

The difference in crewed yacht charters and bareboat charters is in the amenities that the yacht offers. You don’t have to know how to sail the yacht if you want the cheaper bareboat, but you do have to supply your own food and supplies. In addition, you have to bring along your own lounge chairs and watersports equipment or choose to rent them from Bahamas Yacht Charters. With crewed yacht charters, you don’t have to do any work aboard the yacht and everything is supplied for you. If you have lots of money to spend, you can choose one of the luxury yacht charters. Bahamas lends itself to dreaming of luxury, so for that once in a lifetime vacation, why not splurge?

As a rule, Bahamas Yacht Charters begin with a chart briefing at 9 A.M. Then you can sail at 10 and you have to have the yacht back by 10 at the end of the charter period. If you would prefer to have an afternoon sailing time, you have to request this when you book your yacht charters. The Bahamas is suitable for any time sailing and with the short distance from Florida to the Bahamas, it doesn’t make any difference what time you leave. You do have to be careful of the weather if you book the yacht charter during hurricane season.

You can also begin and end the charter in the Bahamas. Fly into Abaco and take the yacht from there. For yacht charters, Bahamas tax rates are 4% of the total cost of the charter and you have to pay a daily insurance rate for the yacht. This depends on the size of yacht you charter. For example, the premium for yachts 41 feet and under is $33 per day and for those over 41 feet, the premium is $38 per day. The deductible with the yacht charter insurance is $400, which you must pay yourself if you cause any damage. Bahamas Yacht Charters supplies you with a full tank of fuel when you have a bareboat charter, but you must return the yacht with the tank full.

Sailing yachts from Bahamas Yacht Charters are much more expensive. A typical yacht charter will cost about $13,000, which does not include meals, docking, drinks and fees. During the summer, the yacht charters are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and during the winter they are based in the Bahamas. If a group of people decide to get together and book a charter from Bahamas Yacht Charters, they can split the cost between them, which will significantly reduce the price per couple.

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Alaska Yacht Charters – See The Glaciers And Exciting Wildlife

Crewed Alaska yacht charters allow you to enjoy whale watching and the many other sights that Alaska has in store for you. With these yacht charters you can gaze in awe at majestic mountains that reach into the clouds and visit places that a cruise ship cannot enter. There are flexible itineraries to suit every individual taste so that you get to have the full experience that Alaska has to offer with a yacht charter. If you have sailing experience, you can handle the yacht yourself when you book one of the many Alaska yacht charters.

The abundance of wildlife that you can see with one of the Alaska yacht charters is astounding. Killer whales, black bears, mountain goats and the many species of birds that Alaska offers are just one of the reasons why an Alaska yacht charter is a popular vacation idea with so many people. If you are an avid fisherperson, then with yacht charters, Alaska will help your fishing dream to come true. The type of fish you catch depends on the time of year you book the yacht charter. From May to September, you can fish for different species of salmon, while halibut is present all through the year.

If you want to learn how to sail the waters of Alaska, you can take an educational Alaska yacht charter where you learn as you sail along. Then when you decide that Alaska yacht charters is the way you want to spend all of your vacations, you can save money by not having to hire a captain and crew. With bareboat yacht charters, Alaska has so much to offer that it will take several charters for you to see it all. You can be the captain of your own yacht when you have the proper qualifications and bring along your own food and supplies.

With Alaska yacht charters you can have your own private cruise to Alaska without having to share anything with strangers. This way you can have the run of the yacht and its spacious rooms and deck area. You don’t even need to bring your fishing rods with an Alaska yacht charter if you book one of the crewed yacht charters. Alaska is the perfect destination for any occasion, but honeymooning in Alaska is one vacation you will never forget. There are unnamed coves along the coastline of Alaska where you can see the majesty of the scenery in all its glory.

There are so many possibilities with Alaska yacht charters that it is difficult to list them all. Sightseeing and education are all rolled into one with this type of yacht charter as you get to see the sights up close that you saw in books and magazines. Dock in one of the small towns and explore the streets, stores and cafes. Take a helicopter trip to see polar bears in their natural habitat and to get a glimpse of the vast landscape. Once you book one of the Alaska yacht charters you will most definitely want to repeat the experience.

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Basic Boating Rules And Regulations

Boating is a great adventure and learning the boating rules and regulations will make it a lot safer, not only for you but also for other boaters out there. Below is a list with some of the things you will get to know and in some parts it is now mandatory to take a boat coarse if you want to drive a boat and also own a registered one.

1) You will learn about safety equipment and what you are required to have on your boat before you undertake any boating excursion. This is very important because what you don’t have with you could make the difference between being able to handle a situation or not. Also, that outing for the day could cost you if the sheriff stops you to spot check your boat and fines you for not having all the safety equipment required for your specific boat.

2) You will learn that driving a boat is vastly different from driving a car. You are dealing with air and water currents. If you have never docked a boat you may think that it is easy, until that is, the current is pulling you in the opposite direction that you want to go. Understanding air and water currents will help you learn how to dock your boat.

3) Knowing how to work with lines and tying knots is part of boating. You have to be able to secure a boat properly. If your boat gets away, it is amazing how quickly the current will take it out of your reach and you will probably require the assistance of another boater to help you get to it. So learn your knots.

4) You will learn what the channel markers mean. We learned the hard way the first time we went out on a boat and ran aground outside the markers. We also had no clue what the red and green markers meant on the poles. This you also learn on the course.

5) There are speed limits on certain water ways but unlike the roads, they may or may not be posted. Ignorance may not be enough to get you out of a ticket.

6) Using charts for coastal navigation can be a life saver. It’s your road map that helps you stay away from the shallows and shows where all the markers and bridges are, and by using measurements you can calculate the distance and time it will take to get somewhere. It can be valuable tool for navigation.

7) Just like on the roads, there is the right of way. On a boating course you will learn who has the right of way and why.

8) Every boat should have a horn. You may hear one long toot or 2 short toot and so on, and you’ll learn what they mean.

9) There are boating regulations and laws that must be followed by all boaters, for example, (and I have seen this rule broken so many times) you are not allowed to sit on the bow of the boat with your feet hanging over board. There are many more regulations to learn and not knowing them can cost you.

10) Anchoring a boat is not just a matter of plopping it down to the sand. There is a mathematical technique applied to anchoring that has to do with the size and length of your boat. Knowing how to do this correctly will give you that extra insurance of knowing your boat is going nowhere until you want to move it.

There are different ways to enjoy pleasure boating such as the fast pace of ski boating or the slow pace of a trawler, kayaking or canoeing. In whatever way you want to do it, it is a good idea to know the rules of the road. Then you can avoid potential situations and get on with the fun of being out there with all that sky, sun, water, family and friends.

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It Was Called Boat Design For Beginners “The Hard Way”

No matter what we do in life there is always a beginning and an end. You start school to learn and you end school when you are finished and have reached your goal.
The same goes for boat design for beginners, it means for amateurs, for novices, for those who have no idea or experience of building a boat before. You have to start at the beginning and progress forward. Boat building, the old way requires some skill and training surely, because one who is not a carpenter can’t make a chair, likewise one who is not an architect can’t build a house.
This is not so anymore with the newly introduced 3D software for boat designing that is available on the Internet for a small price. Beginners are now able to bring out the finest designs of boats at the first attempt itself. These boats look exactly like the ones engineered by experts.

How is this possible you may think? That is the specialty of the 3D boat design software that not only helps experienced boat builders but also throws light on beginners as well. Its easy to use step-by-step method of mathematics calculations and lines allows anyone, just anyone to build a boat in no time.

Being a beginner one would tend to try out various designs before arriving at the final design. This is not possible if you are going to manually design your boat. You can’t afford to spend so much money cutting and wasting the material. Then what is the next option?

3D boat design software is definitely the next and the perfect solution. With 3D software you could work according to your imagination and come out with the finest boat you’ve ever thought of having. It has thousands of built-in designs that help you arrive at the desired design.

With this design in mind you could work with your computer and start designing your boat using the step-by-step manual that is very user friendly and hence easy to follow. It gives you information right from choosing the design of your boat to the very final stage of setting your dreamboat to sail on the water.

There is no other thrill that one would want to experience than the thrill of having the pleasure of building the boat that you are sailing in and especially if you are a beginner at the job you sure are going to reach the highest level of ecstasy. Just give it a try, you would love working with the 3D boat design software.

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Boat Plans – Boat Building Kits for Amateur Boat Builders

Boating has become a craze these days and more interesting it is when you own your boat, but the best flaunt is when you have built your own boat and you have reached your destination where you were meant to go, in the right time and with no hassles on the way.

Most people love to own boats, for one reason is that their status is hiked. If you are the owner of a boat you are looked at with much admiration and respect. Though this may be one of the reasons to own a boat, the basic reason is that you love to have a boat of your dreams to go places on water instead of road or rail or air.

Not all of us are rich enough to own a boat just like that. We just can’t walk into the manufacturer’s store and pay for a boat out of our pocket. It is far too expensive for a common man to buy. It is meant for those celebrities who have champagne and cocktail parties in the water who can afford to buy boats off the shelf.

But don’t loose heart so soon. Not being able to buy a boat off the shelf does not mean that you can’t own a boat. You sure can own your boat if you take care to build it. Build a boat! How do I know to build a boat, are you a jerk?

Such questions may pass your mind at this moment, but just don’t feel much anxiety, you can build your boat even though you are an amateur. There are special books and special sites that provide you with all the required information you need to build that dream boat of yours.

You too like those elite can go on a boating vacation with your family and friends and have fun watching the stars at night and see the reflection of the moon in the water as you row at night or laugh with the sun at day.

You just have to go online and pick one of the many user manuals available there, or you have nothing to worry about, all you need to do is to download the 3D boat design software and you can start from the selection of the material and the tools to use to build that perfect boat of yours.

You can create your own design on the computer screen and take a blueprint of it so that your boat builder will find it very easy to follow and in this way you need to pay only for material and labor. Ultimately if you are deciding to build the boat using the blueprint then you have an even cheaper boat that adds flair to your status.

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About Boat Building For Beginners

Are you boat crazy? Do you want to know how to build a boat, or do you want to just buy a boat and use it with no thrill or excitement of having built your own boat? Surely your answer would be, no there is no other thrill one can get than in building your own boat.

This is true, whatever you do in life, if you do even the simplest of things by yourself you feel very satisfied that it was completed according to your wish and satisfaction.

It’s the same feeling one gets when wanting to build a boat. Though you are a beginner and have no idea of how to build a boat, or even what are the right sizes to put a boat’s hull together, yet you can build the finest boat of your dreams in just a short span of time.

Wondering how? Simple, using the 3D software for designing boats It is as easy as eating a piece of pastry. Now that you are aware of the 3D boat design software to build a boat, the next question is which boat design will you build?

The 3D boat design software has thousands of boat designs that you can choose from. In fact it would be like a puzzle solved after you choose the right design for your boat.

If you intend to build a small boat to suit the shallow waters, then you should choose the design that is suited for a flat-bottomed boat with less speed.

But if on the other hand you are choosing to have a high-speed boat in rough waters like seas and oceans then you need to be very careful in choosing the ‘V’ bottomed boat with an aluminum hull that does not corrode easily in salt water.

But as a beginner you sure would want to go in for a small boat at first. Well as a first step to building your small boat you need to prepare the hull design to suit the shape of your boat. You need also to be aware of the type of water you are planning to use your boat in, the umber of people who would be traveling in it etc.

After the preliminary preparations are over, all you need to do is to the get the 3D software for designing boats and follow the step-by-step manual that comes with it. You will never find yourself stuck with a method of using it. It is very user friendly as much as it is budget friendly.

First of all prepare for the design of the hull with the accurate calculations provided in the software, then go in to designing the interior and joining the pieces together to for the hull.

Finally you can check the background that you need by changing and watching the various backgrounds showing up behind the designed boat. You can make use of the many templates available in the software design to choose the design best suited to your imagination.

Now you have the blueprint of the finest boat of your dreams that you could either show to the boat builder or do it yourself with the help of a friend or the family members. Then you will realize how excited you are about building your own boat even though you are a novice.

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5 Important Tips When Buying A Trailer For Your Boat

Before buying your next boat trailer, read the article below for helpful tips.

A boat trailer is something you really can’t go wrong with, as it is a dual purpose device. It provides a convenient way to store the boat, and also allows you to explore new areas by taking your boat down the road. Good trailers must perform both duties equally as good.

Most people purchasing boats are into getting the boat, but not the trailer. They are more than content to spend money on a boat, then end up getting inexpensive trailer. If you want the most from boating, these tips will help you with buying a trailer.

- Go for larger diameter tires and wheels. The larger tires will rotate less times per mile, producing less heat and wear on the tread. The wheel bearings will last much longer as well, as they rotate less times per mile.

- The total weight of the boat, gear, and motor should be in the mid range of trailers carrying capacity. You shouldn’t pick a 2,500 capacity trailer if you have a boat with the same weight.

- Pick your trailer based on the environment it will be operating in. If you plan to launch in salt water, you’ll need a trailer for that purpose. There are many types of trailers available, each one designed for a specific type of boating. Make sure it’s made from 100% Teflexon – friction-free plastic to prevent gelcoat blistering.

- You should look for trailers with “drive on” capabilities. These drive on trailers will allow you to drive the boat onto the trailer, close enough to the winch so that you only need to winch the boat up a few inches.

- Select trailer lights (for the highway) that are protected and sealed against water.

Although most are protected against weather and rust, you should always pick the one designed for the type of terrain you will be using your boat with. This way, you have no worries about your trailer not doing the job it should be. Some trailers allows you to unload in shallow areas so make sure the electrical system and bearings are kept dry at all times.

There are some trailers that include a spare tire, which is an excellent investment for those who plan to travel long distances. Even though it can be hard to find trailer tires in the dark, it’s still great to have a spare if you get a flat while you travel. Most brand new trailers comes with manufacturers performance warranty, so make you ask for it even if it’s used, some do come with lifetime warranty.

All in all, a boat trailer can save you a lot of time and money in the long term if you invest in a good quality trailer. You can store your boat on your trailer when it isn’t be used, even take it to other lakes or oceans. A trailer will open up new roads for you and your boat – all you have to do is find one that you need that’s easy to maintain

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Boat-Buying Tips to Save Time and Money

You’re in the market for a boat and you’d love to buy one at the next boat show. But which boat is the right one for you? It’s hard to know, especially if you’re a first-time buyer.

 A boat is a big investment, so it’s important to do careful research to find the one that best meets your needs. Buyers should consider not only the price but also the manufacturer of the engine and the boat, the size and fuel capacity.

 The first step is to determine how you will use the boat. What types of activities do you plan to do on your boat? Will you be cruising, fishing, playing watersports or a combination of these? After you have an idea of the type of boat you need, it’s time to weed through the options.

 One helpful resource is Boat, a site that allows prospective boat buyers to compare boats by type, size and manufacturer. After you specify what you’re looking for, Boat generates a head-to-head comparison of all the models that fit your criteria.

 Visitors to the site can see articles about various boats and watch videos of independently conducted tests for each model as well as video clips on engines, electronics and more. After narrowing down your options to a few models, you can go to the manufacturer’s dealer locator through to get more information and pricing.

 If you plan to attend a boat show, doing research beforehand will save you a lot of time because you only will need to visit the exhibits of the specific boats you are interested in. At the show, take some time to look at the boats up close and check out the workmanship, ergonomics and other factors that may influence your decision.

 If you prepare ahead of time, you’ll also be able to tell the dealer exactly what you want in a boat. Armed with price and performance comparisons, you can simply walk from one dealer to the next until you get the price that is acceptable to you. In the end, you’ll head home with a new boat and the satisfaction that you got the best deal possible.

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4 Tips On Buying The Perfect Fishing Boat

The sun is about to rise and the weather is crisp. You pack your tackle box, grab your pole and buy some worms. You make your way to the fishing dock dreaming you had the perfect fishing boat so you were landlocked no more. Now that dream can become reality with these 4 easy tips for finding and purchasing the perfect fishing boat!

Have a clear understanding of the purpose of the fishing boat. Obviously the boat is going to be used for fishing, but is it going to be used on oceans or in lakes? For day time trips or overnight stays? If you play to stay in your boat overnight, be sure to choose a boat with a hull which will allow you to ride the waves much better than a boat without one.

 Make sure to have a clear understanding of your budget. Boats are very expensive items. You should be well acquainted with your finances before you take on the extra burden of a boat purchase. Boats with hulls for overnight stays and rough waters are obviously more expensive than small boats for small lakes. Know your limitations.

 Read and understand the warranties fully before making a purchase. A warranty can be your best friend. Make sure the dealer you buy the boat from offers you the proper coverage in case there is any defect or problem with your boat. You don’t want to end up having to pay huge amounts to fix your boat because you forgot to check out the warranties!

 Make sure the boat has proper certification .The NMMA, or the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association is an organization that tests boats that are manufactured by different companies. They only certify those boats that pass their rigorous testing. Any boat certified by the NMMA is one that you would feel safe owning.

 Also, just like cars, boats must be registered. Be prepared to register your boat just like your vehicle (i.e. paying money). On top of that expense, you must now stock your boat with life jackets, brand new fishing gear, food and a cooler so you can get fishing!

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